Sunday, 22 May 2011

my friends n lecturer..

alhamdulillah..finally i have complete all my assignment..juz oral assignment ag yg tinggal..ah, lantak la..bdal jew la ape2 pown time forum and public speaking tue..most important juz talk whatever i want..haha..
tp, borinx la, i update la my blog..
as i have afew days more to have semester break, so, i want to share about my frends n lecturer along this picture ney, i maen snap curi2, buat kwn2, jgn marah ea..nanti kena jual...
happy nyer my classmates..(sem 1)

..time practice macbeth smpat ag kte org snap pic..
isymal n kyra

kwn aq yg plg rajin,bella..
smpat ag possing smbil mnyapu..haha..

time LDS class sem 1..haha..
blqis n bilah..

rjinkn kte org..
..dlm libry..

happy nye,hemo,blqis n isymah..

Ling.. isymah..haha.
(our pkk...time class SS)

khusyuk nye Peter..

discuss ape tue??
keetha n vaishu

ehem2..kk n pkk tue..

exam hall...

Mr. Syukri, our LDV lecturer..'s story time..

nie..ust sukri..IM lecturer..

our beloved Ms. Lim Peng Geok..
..plg anti student eje name dy salah..haha

cheq lala, vaishu, isymah n nisa'

Last klaz LDS sem2..sume2 nye buat muka happy2..

cheq lala, our pkk next sem..haha

budop korea, irman..bakal KK brsama Cheq Lala 4 next sem..

..budop plg happy dlm klas..
bilah n bella..
i love all my classmates...
anyway,next sem we have final exam, so get urself prepared guys..n me too..study2!!!don't play2!!
~that's all~

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