Monday, 23 May 2011


owh...i'm so full today...alhamdulillah...thanks to my friend from Sabah bha,isymah...memang njoy la kuar td...
although nasi goreng kampung yg i mkn td not tooo goood but, not tooo bad la...
what i want to share here is about my favourite yogurt....
yogurt ney memang best terAMAT la..
i loike it soo much..haha

td beli dua yougurt coz nak mkn mlm ney saru and one more 4 next morning..but, when i juz start eating that yogurt, i can stop myself to eat one more yogurt...
so, terMAKAN la jugak yogurt yg ajatnye nk mkn esok..hhaha..

anyway,even it taste really really really delicious, the price is not burn a hole in ur pocket..
that mean it cheap n affordable la..
juz rm right??so, bley la sape2 yg nk try tu...

p/s: i ney bkn nyer jurujual yogurt ney,juz want 2 share with u all je...sharing is caring..haha

my favorite flavour..

ney pown bley tahan la jugak..
~that's all 4 2day~

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